Let us do the hard work and set up camp for you at this year's Starry Skies

Tent Size              Just the tent       Firefly Fancy

4m (2-3 people)       £350                   £450

5m (4-6 people)       £400                   £500

‘Just the tent’ — an empty structure with no extras.

‘Firefly Fancy’ — comes with airbeds & furniture / decor.

Our Firefly Fancy package for Starry Skies includes:

  • Comfy aerobeds
  • Wooden mirror and side tables
  • Boot decking to stand on when you take off your wellies
  • Fairy lights and firefly lanterns 
  • Some pretty décor and a colourful rug 

Our packages do not include bedding so please make sure you also book your required bedding when booking your bell tent.

How many beds does a 4m tent sleep?

4m tents sleep up to 4 people on either:

2 X double beds

or 1 X double bed + 2 X single beds

(NB: you cannot fit 4 X single beds in a 4m tent)

How many beds does a 5m tent sleep?

5m tents sleep up to 6 people on either:

3 X double beds

2 X double beds + 2 X single beds

1 X double bed + 4 X single beds

or 6 X single beds

Please note, the more beds, the less floor space for belongings, so we advise using double beds rather than single beds as much as possible.

Damage Waiver Fee - We require a separate £100 damage waiver deposit to be made on top of your total price.  This is refundable and returned once we get everything back in a satisfactory condition.

What size tent would you like?
Which tent package would you like?
More comfortable for adults
Better for children
Bedding packages including a pillow, duvet, and sheet can be provided for an additional £30 for a single and £45 for a double.